First post

January 3, 2010

For nearly three years, I have been blogging about our extraordinary potential — meaning the psychic abilities we are all born with — first at, then at

But psychic ability (or rather, the true range of ordinary human abilities, sadly neglected in our time), is  only one of my interests. Another is history, and history’s relation to the things going on around us. People despair, or they indulge in millennial hopes, because they unconsciously think that history is going to come to an end.

It doesn’t. It just keeps adding texture to the existing situation.


One Response to “First post”

  1. gordon phinn Says:

    Frank, I fully support this new endeavor. This is a theme that needs exploring. No-one that I know of has seriously taken it up since Arnold Toynbee gave us his rather mystical view of History.
    How the evolving struggles of Time fit into the fluid perfections of eternity is a subject that has long entranced me with its possibilities, and I shall be fascinated to see how you tease out this challenge.

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