Austin Chronicle – March 26, 2009

Kaki Hunter’s front tooth was a little broken at one corner and its sidekick bent backward funny — a rare sight in a Hollywood of identically perfect dentistry, and it made for a smile the camera loved. Watching Roadie 30 years down the road, I figured a movie that preserves a smile like nobody else’s and puts it up there on the screen where anybody who wants to can see it, well, that was worth doing, even if the guys who wrote the picture (James BigBoy Medlin and myself) can’t take a nip of credit for her teeth.

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This was forwarded to me by a friend, presumably from an Alex Jones website. Various friends have sent me stuff from Jones, and I often find it hysterical and unreliable. But Roberts is a different story.

The following editorial note is, of course, from the piece that was forwarded to me.

Editor: When Paul Craig Roberts gave us permission to post this article, he  indicated to Alex Jones that it would probably be his last. Regular readers  of PCR’s outstanding columns will be disappointed to hear that he is bowing  out for the time being. Alex will discuss the reasons behind this on  tomorrow’s show. Roberts has also told us that he will probably appear as a  guest on The Alex Jones Show later next week to expand on why he has decided  to “sign off,” as he puts it in the following article.

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Nothing to fear but …

March 22, 2010

This Krugman commentary via a friend who kindly sent it along. (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/22/opinion/22krugman.html?ref=opinion)

Franklin Roosevelt, paraphrasing Henry Thoreau, famously said in his first inaugural address that “this country has nothing to fear but — fear itself.” It appears today that the Republican Party has concluded that it has nothing to fear but hope in others; and nothing to hope for but fear in others. It is a pathetic and sordid spectacle.

Please don’t interpret this to mean that I necessarily will like the health-care bill’s various provisions. The whole system is wrongly based, in my view, and we can only hope that over time the bloated costs and limited effectiveness of the drugs-and-surgery model will become so apparent that medicine will return to Galen’s classic admonition: “First, do no harm.”

But meanwhile, here we are with what we have, and this bill seems to be an attempt to push it in the direction of inclusiveness, which I consider a good thing. And, again, this column concentrates less on policy matters than on the politics of deliberately inducing fear.

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“Just by looking at them, we changed. And right away. Changed what we wore, what we did, and how we imagined love and all of life – changed even what and how we desired. Such was the power of the Dragon.”

Michael Ventura’s  LETTERS AT 3AM column for the Austin Chronicle – March 12, 2010. As usual, he sees the same things that have filled your life, but sees them deeper…

The Dragon on Sennett’s Hill
Early in January 1978, MGM was still MGM and looked pretty much as it had in 1948. Just more tired. On the back lot, the mansion from Gone With the Wind leaned over and The Bandwagon’s train station wasn’t safe to walk upon. All such defunct sets would be pulled down within days and the struggling studio would sell the land. Mundane houses, shops and offices now stand where there’d been gaudy grandeur. One wonders if the new residents dream strange dreams on that ground.

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Selling fear

March 15, 2010

This shouldn’t actually astonish anybody. The politics of fear have been working hard, these past decades, and nobody has worked harder at it than the right wing of the GOP. This from http://blogs.alternet.org/skeeterbitesreport/2010/03/08/gop-caught-plotting-joe-mccarthy-style-fear-campaign-against-obama-democrats/

GOP Caught Plotting Joe McCarthy-Style Fear Campaign Against Obama, Democrats

Leaked Plans by Republican National Committee Show Intent to Aggressively Capitalize on Fears of ‘Socialism’ Under Obama to Raise Money for GOP in 2010 Election Cycle; Meanwhile, Group Led by Ex-VP Cheney’s Daughter Comes Under Fire for Web Ad That Attacks Patriotism of Justice Department Lawyers Handling Terrorism Cases

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A few interesting and depressing statistics from an article located via Schwartzreport. (From http://www.ourfuture.org/blog-entry/2010031011/census-time-billionaires)

Nobody seems to get too upset about the manifest unfairness of a social system in which a few own everything while many lack the very basic essentials of life, and the vast majority lack the opportunities for culture and self-culture that a fairer distribution of wealth would allow. And don’t think this situation does not affect us all. No society consisting of so sharply angled a pyramid is healthy, and if it’s crumbling around us — as it clearly is — this is cause for no surprise. Read on.

Census Time For Billionaires

By Sam Pizzigati

March 11, 2010 – 8:07pm ET

The world’s super-duper rich, in the new Forbes magazine count, total just over 1,000 — and hold more wealth than half of humanity.

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Toyotas and UFOs

March 9, 2010

You can’t argue with the logic! Via a friend, from www.theautochannel.com/news/2010/03/07/468254.html

Toyota’s Acceleration Problems Prove the Existence

of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Visitations

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Congress, the general media, what seems like the entire legal profession, and the public-at large are convinced that Toyota automobiles are all subject to “sudden unintended acceleration” and are hazardous to drive. They are convinced to the point that any other explanation is now open to ridicule, including the completely preposterous idea that drivers could be at fault the reported incidents.

The evidence that has allowed the truth about Toyotas to become revealed are the few hundred anecdotal reports from drivers, one heartbreaking 911 phone call report involving a police officer, and one in-the-lab test conducted under un-natural conditions. Armed with this information dozens, if not hundreds of lawsuits have already been filed against Toyota. Congress has put aside other issues to conduct hearings, and the U.S. Secretary of Transportation has decreed that people should not drive their Toyota vehicles*.

The purpose of this article is not to judge the validity of the Toyota SUA stories and claims, or to contradict Ray LaHood’s no-drive mandate. In fact, being a believer in extraterrestrial civilizations and visitations, I rather like the certainty that can determined from overall Toyota finding.

Consequently, since the above mentioned body of evidence is sufficient to prove that Toyota vehicles are at fault, then consider what the enormous weight of UFO evidence tells us.

There isn’t one report from a police officer about UFOs, there are hundreds, if not thousands. And these are supported by hundreds, maybe thousands more eye-witness reports from other trustworthy responsible people like pilots, firemen, teachers, doctors, astronauts, governors and at least one president. Then we have the dozens/hundreds/thousands of unexplained pieces of hard evidence that range from radar confirmations to physical scarring on humans. And, of course, there’s Velcro, the mystery fastener invention that we all know is one of the few technological innovations that we have harvested from our recovery of the dead alien bodies at Roswell.

So c’mon, shouldn’t Obama be giving a press conference this week to come clean about the whole UFO deal?

* Yeah, I know that LaHood recanted his statement, but you know he only did it because he was pressured to do so. You don’t think a man of his qualifications would have issued such a strong decree like that in the first place if he wasn’t absolutely certain of the facts, do you?

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