The Power of Goodwill

May 17, 2010

My friend Wayne Goodwin suggested that I print this nice little piece that was a handout at a recent IONS talk he attended. (IONS is the Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded by ex-astronaut Edgar Mitchell.)

The author, Ricardo N. Gangarossa, said in an email to Wayne that he considers this a work in progress. “There was/is so, so much more that could be said, including along the love and inspirational side which was virtually not touched upon. Yet, even on the side of light, very little was said. I have much to learn on expressing what little light and love I may contain. But, this was a beginning, something to build upon. ”

A pretty good beginning, it seems to me. A nice counterpoint to so much political hatred out there.

The Power of Goodwill

Goodwill, such a seemingly small word. Most people pass it off as a nice but impractical idea with little room for practice or true value. Yet when looked at closely, with perception and depth, this little word is found to be a seed of such significance as to have the Power to Transform.

Goodwill is independent of intelligence or ones’ “IQ”, for even the simplest can understand this, to do well unto others, to be kind. It is independent of class distinction for Goodwill can be shown by the rich and poor alike. It is independent of race, of culture or of nationality. It is equally independent of Religion and yet, considering religions profess that one aspect of God is Love, Goodwill being a simple expression of Love, Goodwill is also inclusive of all Religions. Even agnostics and atheists are not exempt from this simple expression.

Goodwill – To be unselfish, to be humane, to express Gods’ love, to be willing to understand, to be open to, aware of, the needs, feelings, problems, dreams and views of others, and then to act upon those perceptions with intelligent, wise understanding. To be harmless, not in a placid complacency which negates activity and allows falsity, but a positive elimination of what harms, of what exists “at the expense of” other people, nations and life on earth.

Goodwill builds trust, seeks truth and shares, nourishing understanding for cooperation. This creates correct human and national relations. One purpose of Goodwill is to achieve clear vision of the causes of circumstances, seeking the cause of problems, not just reacting to effects witnessed. Goodwill seeks cooperative inclusiveness knowing that we are all similar in that we are all humans, instead of emphasizing differences that create separating walls. Lastly, Goodwill is a Responsibility of Freedom, for to use freedom at the expense of others is an abuse of the freedom.

But what of business, commerce and economies, national and international? To those that say “business is business” or “dog eat dog,” I reply that I am not a dog but am human, that I will not behave as an animal but as a human. To those that attempt to justify animal behavior with appetites of more, more, more money, I say they are not qualified to engage in any business, commerce or economy. To those that say Goodwill is not compatible with business, attempting to justify behavior at the expense of the populace or environment, I say that if they are not intelligent enough or imaginative enough to do business ethically with products and services that benefit consumers and not harm them, then they are not qualified to be in business. Goodwill is perfectly compatible with business. Is not the purpose of business to service the people? Should not business exist for the betterment of the populace? A person of Goodwill would not make billions of dollars for themselves while millions of people die of starvation and billions are poverty stricken. The correct use of wealth is just as much a responsibility of freedom. The misuse of wealth is just as much a terrorism of freedom.

When looked at clearly, truthfully, the only real obstacle to practicing Goodwill is the lack of willingness, individual or nationally. It is a simple orientation, to do good or not. It is a simple direction of the magnetic needle of the heart, simply a choice not to harm but help. Reflect upon this word, meditate on it, and pray to know it, above all seek ways to express it. Be conscious of your thoughts, motives and actions. Like wisdom, Goodwill takes perception to understand and active use to know its power.

With the nations and governments of the world, perhaps Goodwill may be best viewed as the Will to do Good. This is not only a responsibility of the nations to their people, but has become a necessity for the global community and global peace. The distinction between rightful global needs and national selfish interests must be made. This takes courage. This takes the will to view national policies truthfully for global well being and equality. In the world of competition, for one to win others must lose. Success is made at the failure of others. Between nations this cannot be the rule, for if a nation fails, its entire populace falls into poverty and despair, and millions of people suffer. Ugly and vile things grow in such an environment. Distorted and twisted visions come into being. I beseech the leaders of the nations to be bold, to weed out national selfish interests, to be empowered by an unshakable intent of purpose and Will to do Good. I beseech the people of each nation to take stock of their leaders and national policies to bend them toward truth and Goodwill. For, in the light of clear vision, Goodwill is the key that will finally tame Power making its use for the benefit of all.

Every creation made by man was first a dream, an idea, an ideal. When enough thought and energy is put into a dream with imagination, will and intent to manifest, the dream becomes real. So dream a beautiful dream of Goodwill. Dream and explore its vast versatility. Like nuclear energy held in the tiny seed of an atom, Goodwill is the nuclear seed of peace. This single orientation, being adaptable to every human relation, vocation and endeavor across the entire globe, is truly universal. Only that which can be applied universally can bring universal peace. Have faith in the reality that this dream is creating. Seek its expression with unswerving intent. If the religions of the world are correct that God is Love manifest, then verily so: The Practice of Goodwill IS the Practice of Gods’ Will.


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