” concentration reinforces the quality concentrated upon”

May 27, 2010

In this time in which so many are losing themselves in negativity and thinking it realism, this reminder from the being known as Seth as channeled by Jane Roberts a generation ago:

I have told you time and time again . . . that you construct your physical universe and your private environment in line with your expectations, for they mirror perfectly the deepest areas of your own inner reality. This is perhaps the closest I can come in handing you anything that approaches a basic truth. All [of this] material follows and flows out of this primary statement. . . .

When you find [yourself] noticing more and more the inequalities, the disasters, and the shames that come within the sphere of your perception, you add to their existence. This may confound what common sense may tell you. However, concentration reinforces the quality [that] is concentrated upon. . . .

When you are concentrating upon destructive elements, you lose on two points. You reinforce the destructive qualities by the very act of concentrating upon them, and you rob [yourself] of the constructive qualities that you could be concentrating upon, and therefore that you could be reinforcing. You will in all cases attempt to construct as physical reality your inner conception of what reality is. Your physical environment and conditions are a mirror of your own basic conceptions of reality. If the environment changes it is because your inner conceptions have changed; and no smallest alteration is made within physical reality that has not first been made within the inner self. You make your own reality from your expectations, and this is one of the greatest truths. I can tell you no better. You must deal with the realities that you have made, or change them. There are no alternatives.



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