John F. Kennedy vs. the Federal Reserve

October 13, 2010


I’ve read about this for years, but hadn’t seen this concise summary until I just received it via a friend. This issue – real, hard money versus mere paper backed by cobwebs – is as old as the constitution. It is older, in fact, for the constitution established a hard money government, specifically as an antidote to the paper currency the constitution-makers had seen in action during the years of the confederation ending in 1789. This hard money versus paper was a major issue in the time of Andrew Jackson, 130 years before John F. Kennedy’s time. Jackson won, despite an assassination attempt. Kennedy — and we – lost.

John F. Kennedy vs. the Federal Reserve


One Response to “John F. Kennedy vs. the Federal Reserve”

  1. Wayne Goodwin Says:

    Thank you for this Frank. Fascinating read. Am interested in the source for this article. Tried http://www.roc-grp/jfk.html that was listed as the Source at the end of the PDF but not sure where that took me. Any help?

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