It’s pathetic, but it looks like people are finally — after nine years! — beginning to revolt from these idiotic over-reactions to security threats. Interesting that the Israelis, who have more experience with terrorism than any country in the world, haven’t felt it necessary to adapt such measures. This from the Wall Street Journal

NOVEMBER 21, 2010

TSA Terrifies, Too


When will Americans declare the Transportation Security Administration a terrorist organization?

The TSA has evolved far beyond shaking down little old ladies for hair gel and children for liquid-filled snow globes.

Now it snaps naked pictures with creepy Advanced Imaging Technology machines, subjecting you to unknown health risks from radiation. And if you don’t want to submit to this high-tech horror, one of its tub stackers will gladly pat down your genitals instead.

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Letters at 3AM: The Palin-Obama Convergence


Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are actually the same person.

No, really, they are.

Apparent opposites, they parallel each other uncannily.

Palin and Obama each came out of nowhere. Almost instantly, each commanded the brightest of national spotlights.

Each – again, instantly! – forged a direct, forceful connection with a select but loud audience. Palin’s core crowds were passionately idealistic middle-aged rednecks, and Obama’s were passionately idealistic young liberals.

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From the Mercopress daily press roundup for Thursday Nov. 18, a straw in the wind. With the continuing collapse of US news media ‘s overseas coverage, sources like Mercopress and other internet news outlets become ever more important.

Family farming as the backbone to ensure countries’ “food sovereignty”

Representatives from Mercosur, Africa, China, India and multilateral organizations such as the United Nations called for the right to “food sovereignty”, thus preventing the international corporations from taking control of the seeds’ market.

“States must ensure food for all their peoples”, said Josefina Stubbs head of International Fund for Agricultural Development, IFAD during a seminar in Brasilia which convened farm experts from Mercosur, Africa, China and India.

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