Transportation, Chernobyl, and thoughts on decay

May 1, 2011

Courtesy of this morning’s SchwartzReport (May 1, 2011),

1) a report on America’s Transport Infrastructure from The Economist

2) a report on The Overwhelming Challenge of Containing Chernobyl from Der Spiegel,1518,759014,00.html

Both well worth reading, both a little longer than you are used to reading, probably, and both miles ahead of what you’re used to reading in the pap that passes for today’s “news” media. The news gap, no less than the infrastructure gap or the public-control-over-technology gap, shows how far and how fast this country has descended.

In fact, it shows what can happen when you gut a country of its best leadership and convince its people that they will have no real say in their affairs.

Someone should prepare a list of deaths of politicians from assissinations and suspicious accidents – November 22, 1963 would be a convenient starting date – and analyze which of these federal, state, or local officials, or people with extensive media coverage, were potentially disruptive to the existing order and which were not. After World War II, some German examined the records of those officials killed in Weimar Germany between its establishment in 1919 and 1933 (when the Nazi thugs who had been behind much of the killing took over the state). He divided the victims between left and right, and tabulated the result. Not only were the left overwhelmingly the victims, but the prison sentences on anyone convicted of killing them were ludicrously light.

In our case, of course, the assassins were all deranged lone gunmen, and the airplanes that fell apart in the skies or mysteriously crashed were of course deranged lone airplanes. Still, it would be instructive if someone were to make a study, so that we could see what has been happening before our eyes, but in slow motion, for the past 50 years. The results, though the dots are not commonly connected for us, are all around us.


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