If they’ve truly killed Bin Laden …

May 2, 2011

They say bin Laden is dead.

Can we have our  Constitutional rights back now?


2 Responses to “If they’ve truly killed Bin Laden …”

  1. Wayne Goodwin Says:

    Depends on who the next bogeyman is. The TSA doesn’t count.

  2. gordon phinn Says:

    We won’t know what really happened till the dust settles, and then we still won’t know. Educated guess, yes.
    Robert Fisk, interviewed from Beirut this morning on cbc radio, said it caused barely a ripple in the middle east as they are so wrapped up in their thrusts for democracy. Al Quaeda and Bin laden are seen as relics form the past there, almost irrelevant.
    Plus, isn’t it interesting that this “occurred” the week after Obama’s birth certificate issue? He’s certainly the big man on campus now.

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