The Cosmic Internet

May 19, 2011

The Cosmic InternetProud papa with baby number six.

The Cosmic Internet joins three other non-fiction explorations of  human abilities and understandings. First came Muddy Tracks, in 2001,  which sketched my attempts to see if psychic abilities really existed and could be honed. In the process of exploration, I discovered The Monroe Institute, and found what I had scarcely dared hope for.

Then, in 2001 and 2oo2, Rita Warren and I conducted 22 altered-state conversations with what I call “The Guys Upstairs” (TGU) on subjects as diverse as cosmology, health and healing, psychology, UFOs, etc.  The Sphere and the Hologram (2009) consists of cleaned-up transcripts of  those sessions.

Chasing Smallwood (also 2009), my third non-fiction book, was  my account of my attempts to verify my  communications with a “past life” named Joseph Smallwood, who went West in the 1840s and fought in the Civil War.  By giving  readers the blow-by-blow of my perplexities and frustrations as well as the deep satisfaction some of the material provided, I hoped to convey some of the promise and limitations of such exploration.

The Cosmic Internet is my distillation of years  of material from TGU describing who and what we are, as well as what our place in the scheme of things is. (Turns out it is more than just an accident that we’re here! :-)) The bottom line of this book is, “how is our life meaningful, and how can we live so as to make the most of it?”

These four books build upon each other, and there’s more to come. Somebody once said that the secret of a long life is a great task to accomplish. By that standard, I sometimes think I’m going to be around for a while.


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