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August 27, 2011

Michael Ventura’s column, “LETTERS AT 3AM,” from the Austin Chronicle – Aug. 26, 2011


Three travelers in their 20s: Molly, my student in 10th-grade poetry some years back; Shaina, friend of m’lady Jazmin; and Amber, of whom I knew nothing. On their cross-country drive they stopped for an overnight (not the first traveling threesome to share my spare room). Dinner was on me at Rockfish (best restaurant in Lubbock, in case you’re passing through). We sat in a booth and entertained one another. The old coot told stories. The young travelers were appreciative and sharp.

Then Amber, sitting to my left, asked a question:

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August 18, 2011

Here’s a site with information you should consider.

If I can figure out how to embed this widget on my site, I may. That’s your future ticking away there, folks.

My good friend Rich Spees alerted me to this archived article from Widred magazine. Read it and weep. Or, read it, anyway.

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I have said, repeatedly, that Michael Ventura does more thinking with commonly available information than any other journalist I have ever read. Rather than rhetoric, he depends upon the remorseless piling of fact upon fact, showing their interrelation and therefore their significance.

Look at the dismaying picture he paints. Disregard it if you can. But if you want to refute his logic, you’re going to need more than partisan insults or ideological catch-phrases. The fact of the matter is that the American Empire is already in its last days, and the things that are being done to prop it up are in fact helping to destroy it all the faster.

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Since the idiots who pretend to govern us won’t hear it from economists or the common man in the street, perhaps they can hear it from their largest creditor. This is from

China says there’s no way of escaping dollar dominance… in the short term

United States’ debt woes still threaten the global economy despite the last-minute deal struck by the White House and political party leaders, China’s main official newspaper said on Tuesday, adding there was no short-term escape from the dominance of the dollar.

The comments were published by the People’s Daily, the chief paper of China’s ruling Communist Party.

“Although the United States has basically avoided default, its sovereign debt problems remain unresolved. They have merely been pushed off, and there is a tendency for them to grow,” a brief commentary in the paper said of the US debt deal.

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