April 29, 2012

After a while, an idea becomes so universally “in the air” that people forget that it isn’t obvious truth, it’s just an idea. It may be correct, it may not, but it always bears thinking about rather than accepting it as gospel. Here’s a short and somewhat quirky examination of whether the earth is really anywhere near carrying capacity. I can remember when “everybody” just knew, and said, “Bangladesh is a basket case.” Intuitively persuasive, after a while nearly automatically assumed, but as in Porgy and Bess, it ain’t necessarily so.


And if the population situation (not to beg the question by calling it a “problem” as is usually done) is not what it appears, what then of the draconian solutions some people seem  so ready to adopt?

I tend to agree with what Buckminster Fuller believed long ago, there’s plenty for everyone if we want to make it work. Our future can look more like Star Trek than like Haiti.



3 Responses to “Overpopulated?”

  1. Wayne Goodwin Says:

    Good article Frank and thank you for posting. For fun, I did a search at http://www.cato.org for “overpopulation” and found 67 articles that support the one above. I did a google search and it returned 6,330,000 articles screaming hysterically how we’re all gonna die. It must be more fun to panic.

  2. Thanks, Wayne. I’m in prepare-to-repel-boarders mode, expecting at least one full-scale assault by someone who has “known” for so long that population is the problem that s/he can’t stand being confronted with the idea that what everybody knows might not be true.

  3. Richard Says:

    [Ok, I’m going to edit this slightly]

    This is a serious oversimplification that does nothing more than serve to feed the “other side” of the debate and create an abyss between, something we certainly don’t need in this world at this time.

    {shakes head and returns to petting cat}

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