Back from the dead

May 18, 2014

I haven’t posted here in quite a while, but I am planning to resume.

The trouble with electronic media is that it is easy to lose track of things, and unlike paper which will clutter up your desk until you do something with it, it can just vanish from your personal radar screen.

Originally my plan was to put my metaphysical and consciousness-oriented posts on the blog that I call “I of my own knowledge” —

This blog was going to be reserved for political and historical analysis.

(I also post a lot on facebook, where i am frank.demarco.10)

Beginning today, I resume actively posting here. For a while, at least, i’m going to post sections of a book I am writing that i am calling How We Got Here, a history of the United States beginning in the year 2000 and working backwards, so that the reader who thinks s/he doesn’t like history can learn that history is, among other things, fascinating stories.



2 Responses to “Back from the dead”

  1. I think writing a history book titled “How We Got Here” is an excellent idea!

  2. As you would, since you’re the one who nagged me into it !

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