Sometimes the truth comes out. Not often, when you’re talking about media. It’s here, though, short but not sweet. A friend sent this to me, and I hope you’ll send it on however you can. Those of us who love this country are sick at what it has become, and, as the guy in this short clip says, the first step to fixing something is to tell the truth about what’s broken.


It’s always a pleasure when you realize you have reason to go from feeling like you are the sole voice in the wilderness to realizing that you not only aren’t alone, you’re probably in the back ranks. Here it is.

I have many friends, highly educated, acutely intelligent, vividly empathetic and altruistic, who believe to the core that overpopulation is not only a conceivable problem, even an inevitable problem, but in fact an overwhelming and current problem. I think, ’tain’t so, and this article does too. It makes a couple points that are worth pondering. However, that said, it doesn’t mean I agree with everything the author says and doesn’t mean I agree with every political conclusion he draws. Still, worth reading

Bracing for Demographic Winter: The “Overpopulation Crisis”
By James Corbett

Global Research, May 5, 2012

International Forecaster

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Michael Ventura’s “Letters at 3 a.m.” column for December 30, 2011. He calls it “What’s Your Sign,” but I have chosen for a headline the best of the signs he quotes.




Austin Chronicle – Dec. 30, 2011

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The real cause

October 3, 2011

The quotation below is from Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, in The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, which was copyrighted 1959. I don’t know when the specific paper “A Study in the Process of Individuation” was published., but the original paper from which it was developed goes back at least to 1933. It might as well have been written this morning.

“These psychic evolutions do not as a rule keep pace with the tempo of intellectual developments. Indeed, their very first goal is to bring a consciousness that has hurried too far ahead into contact again with the unconscious background with which it should be connected…. It is a task that today faces not only individuals but whole civilizations. What else is the meaning of the frightful regressions of our time? The tempo of the development of consciousness through science and technology was too rapid and left the unconscious, which could no longer keep up with it, far behind, thereby forcing it into a defensive position which expresses itself in a universal will to destruction. The political and social isms of our day preached every conceivable ideal, but, under this mask, they pursue the goal of lowering the level of our culture by restricting or altogether inhibiting the possibilities of individual development. They do this partly by creating a chaos controlled by terrorism ….

“The problem cannot be solved collectively, because the masses are not changed unless the individual changes. At the same time, even the best-looking solution cannot be forced upon him, since it is a good solution only when it is combined with the natural process of development. It is therefore a hopeless undertaking to stake everything on collective recipes and procedures. The bettering of a general ill begins with the individual, and then only when he makes himself and not others responsible. This is naturally only possible in freedom, but not under a rule of force, whether this be exercised by a self-elected tyrant or by one thrown up by the mob.”

Let me repeat what Jung said: “It is therefore a hopeless undertaking to stake everything on collective recipes and procedures. ” If this is not a description of politics in our time, I don’t know what it is. You see it on all sides: Only if “our” side can overcome “their” side, can we reverse this dread slide into [insert nightmare here] and bring about [insert panacea here].

You think it’s possible Jung may have something to say to our time?????

This video that I stumbled upon makes more sense in 10 minutes than anything to do with politics that I have heard since Charles Hampden-Turner’s book Radical Man, which I read nearly 40 years ago. Maybe that’s because it isn’t so much about politics as about human nature as it is expressing in politics – and where we need to go. Visually entertaining, too.

Amen (without sarcasm) to this, below, which is via Mercosur.

I am so tired of the world’s idiots killing each other, and rejoicing that the forces of evil have been defeated, which prompts other idiots to vow to “avenge” the murdered idiot by killing others, and rejoicing that the forces of evil have been defeated. You can see how much closer it has brought us to a just and peaceful world.

Sometimes killing may be necessary to prevent greater killing, or to prevent the triumph of evil. I don’t like that conclusion, but I can’t argue with it. History makes it clear. History also makes it clear that there is a difference between killing as necessity and killing as in racking up scores in a football game. I can’t see that it makes a lot of difference, in such cases, whether the killers claim to represent a government or “the people” or a drug cartel. It isn’t pretty to watch. It is, in fact, as sickening as the palestinians who celebrated in the streets when they received the news on Sept. 11, 2001.

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Letters at 3AM: The Palin-Obama Convergence


Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are actually the same person.

No, really, they are.

Apparent opposites, they parallel each other uncannily.

Palin and Obama each came out of nowhere. Almost instantly, each commanded the brightest of national spotlights.

Each – again, instantly! – forged a direct, forceful connection with a select but loud audience. Palin’s core crowds were passionately idealistic middle-aged rednecks, and Obama’s were passionately idealistic young liberals.

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