Sometimes the truth comes out. Not often, when you’re talking about media. It’s here, though, short but not sweet. A friend sent this to me, and I hope you’ll send it on however you can. Those of us who love this country are sick at what it has become, and, as the guy in this short clip says, the first step to fixing something is to tell the truth about what’s broken.


As always, Michael Ventura uses the newspaper to greater effect than most people use lengthy analysis of scholarly papers. From the Austin Chronicle.

Reading Diplomatic Code

There’s a shift toward the promotion of Turkey as a stabilizing force in the Middle East


JUNE 17, 2011

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As an antidote to the continual fear-producing and fear-reinforcing headlines–


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I have run the quotations together, as they make a very coherent statement.

Seth and the Safe Universe!

Hi Seth Friends,

It’s good to be talking to you again, although I don’t really have any Sethian news to pass on this month. I do, however, come bearing gifts. Lots and lots of gifts! Gifts that are both priceless and practical, and highly sought after by Seth readers the world over.

And what, you might ask, are these unique, sought-after gifts? Okay, you might not ask, but here it is anyway: A ton of amazing Seth quotes!

You had to be blind – or not in HTML – to not see the large bold heading displayed at the top of this email, so this will be no big surprise to you: the quotes are from Seth on The Safe Universe. It’s purely coincidental that this month’s newly posted Seth Talkentry on our SNI site  is on this subject, too, dovetailing nicely and most serendipitously (don’t you think?) with today’s gifts.
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There are two issues to be addressed in this endless ridiculous “war on terror” which, in the circumstances, translates to “terror as a way of life.” The first is the issue of practicality, addressed in the article below. The second, though, is the issue of courage. When the British were plagued by IRA terror for decades, they made a point of telling the people, “don’t let the threat of terror deter you from going about your business. If they disrupt our society, terrorists win.” But the American people, seduced by the impossible quest for perfect security, don’t need terrorists to disrupt society. Our authorities disrupt it themselves, “protecting” us.

As I have said to my friends for some time, it is true that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. And fear, so far, is doing fine.

This article, via a friend, is from—israelification-high-security-little-bother

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